Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Woof Woof

There is a really cool program called "4 patas" which is a dog therapy group that comes to the Hogar every Saturday morning MUY temprano (can you tell Andrew and I are not morning people?). They usually come around 8 and end at about 10:30. Anyway, so Andrew and I just started attending about 3 weeks ago and we love it. The dogs are kinda crazy (I'm not much of a dog person), but the kids LOVE it. Here are a few pictures for you check out:

the boys showing off their muscles...walking dogs takes strength

Okay, so the pictures and video don't really show what dog therapy is...but I assure you there are dogs and it is a lot of fun! And Walter is awesome on the drums and I love when he plays them:)


Laura Webb said...

Have you guys gotten to know Marielos at all? From the dog therapy group? She is AWESOME and likes to speak English with the volunteers. We love her.

Molly said...

Yeah! We actually just met her 3 weeks ago...we were invited to eat Pupusas with Angelica and Marielos. That's why we started going to the dog therapy. She is a ton of fun, we really like her. We also met Iliana (I think that's how you spell it)...she's the spunky one with curly hair that is also a part of the dog therapy. She's sweet too. She invited us to her beach house last weekend, which was cool.

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