Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The biggest project we have been working on since we have been here is taking pictures with the workers and the kids. Our intention was to give the photos to the workesr in a decorated border with the help of the kids so that they could have something to cherish at their home as a memory of all the hard work they do for their job. The kind of work that is required to keep this place running and clean (or as clean as it can get) is very demanding. We are very grateful to them and thought this project would be a good idea to show our gratitude. After lots of hard work of decorating frames and taking pictures of over 90 workers, we finally finished! This week we have been distributing the long overdue photos and the workers have been so excited about it. Throughout our time here they would ask us once in a while when the project would be finished. When we first came down with the basket load of all the photos, they all crowded us to try and find their own, it was crazy. Now they can´t stop smiling at us and thanking us for them. When you think about it, it is just a little gift, but to them it means a lot. We are so happy that this project turned out well and that they have appreciated it. We still have photos to give out and a couple more to print before we completely finish, but the majority of them already have theirs.
Tuesday night is usually our movie night. We have been watching the Harry Potter movies since they haven´t seen the latest ones and last Tuesday we watched the fifth and final movie that is out right now. This activity was more for the older kids, they really liked it. However, Ivan must have been too tired to stay awake since at the end of the movie he was out like a log. All the kids thought it was so funny and we all crept out of the comedor and cleaned up with him still in there sleeping. The night workers thought it was hilarious and we were all laughing. Here is one photo out of many we took of us behind him as he sleeps.

Well much has happened since our last blog. We went on a ten day vacation which explains the long duration since we have last written. Our vacation was very fun. We went to Guatemala and Belize and even got scuba certified! When we returned we went straight back to work to get all of our projects finished. One of these being the teddy bears we are making with the kids. Before our trip we made over 30 teddy bears from scratch and each kid helped us fill their own with stuffing. After we closed the hole, we took the bears back down for the kids to paint, write their name, and give it to them. It was really fun to see how excited some of them became.Here is Matilla´s scribbling on his.

Carlitos Alonso did his during our noche especial on Wednesday while we watched the Disney movie Cars and drank 7up.

Geovanny was the cutest. It took him a long time to finish his bear because he kept stopping to hug it every other second. He always wears a shirt and tie so he drew a tie on his bear too and couldnt help admiring it.
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