Thursday, October 23, 2008

For noche especial last night we made purses for Chusita and Xiomara. I have really enjoyed using my sewing skills and passing it along to the kids down here. I think they really enjoyed themselves too.

Many people from the city came to set up a large stage with tents all around for a concert that lasted all day. New bands came and switched every hour or so. We had dancers, food, and of course, everyone was dancing! Most of the kids were dressed to match with t-shirts from the el patito event a couple of weeks back. It was so fun to dance with all of the kids and see everyone enjoying themselves.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Things are going well here! Our internet was down for about a week and a half so now that it is up and running again I figured I would update the blog. The biggest thing that happened was the patito (little ducky) event on Sunday. Every year the hogar holds this event where people buy the little ducks and they put all of them in this lake and the lucky winners they choose get prizes. Its like a raffle. Before the event, the duck came to visit the hogar and we held a huge fiesta. The kids loved it. The event itself was also very fun, the hogar is so well supported by the community!! It makes me happy to see how many people are involved to serve these kids.
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