The best thing about this program is the relationships we foster with the kids.  After living with them for three months, you are like a mother, a sister, and a best friend to them, and they will never forget you.  When I think of the Hogar, I think of Geovany jumping up and down when he saw us in the morning; I think of Maria Antonia hamming it up for the 'horror movie' the kids planned and filmed; I think of Roberto deciding he was going to be the President of the United States after learning a few words in English.  Volunteers bring hope and excitement into the lives of these children and gain so much in return.
--Rachel and Ryan Nielson ('06)

Special moments, like receiving a grateful hug after Reyna's first day of school, seeing Cindy follow directions to open and close her palsied hand to break apart the playdoh, and putting on a puppet show for the orphanage administration, helped us realize that we were making a difference in the lives of the children, and they were making a difference in ours!  As we saw the kids excited to learn and to have fun doing planned activities, we knew the time and money invested in this program was making an impact!
--Ava and Valerie Crump ('07)

I had a multi-faceted experience while volunteering. It tested my language skills, patience, creativity, and will to succeed. Be prepared for hard work, but with that you will learn life lessons, gain friendships with all Hogar residents and workers, and become a better person! I loved learning about the culture and discovering El Salvador. Its an unforgettable, life changing experience for those ready to serve!
--Zell Lee ('08)
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