Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bocce Ball

Gotta love internet connections south of the boarder. Well, I wrote a substantial entry...and then everything disappeared...literally disappeared and then some note popped up saying ¨lo siento¨. Oh well, I guess.

I said something along the lines of: we played bocce ball, it was fun. We ate cake (with fingers...woo! A child´s dream, my friend. No need for forks here!) and made bracelets.

There you go. Sorry you couldn´t experience the excitement from the original entry. Just enjoy the pictures. Who really cares about the words anyway?

above is the bocce ball was pretty popular

Edwin...he is the man. He has cerebral palsy, but is a smart guy. He is also incredibly happy ALL OF THE TIME! Both he and his brother, Geovanny, are awesome. Anyway, he liked to throw his ball like this...actually, he liked to pull his arm further back than what is shown and stay like that as a ¨joke¨. haha! Ohh Edwin.

And here is Geovanny throwing the ball. Those balls are heavy too...they are filled with water. Geovanny kicked trash at this game. You can see in the picture below that he ALWAYS seemed to get his ball really close to the white ball (okay, so in this picture his isn´t the closest, but most times it was. Efrain´s is the yellow ball. Efrian and Roberto had to the two best throws. Roberto won once with his ball touching the white ball! Roberto and Efrain are pictured above in the first picture. Roberto is in green and Efrain is in red beside Geovanny).

Here is Walther (pronounced Walter). He is funny. He was eating his cake nicely when a ninera came along and ¨helped¨ him to get the spots he missed:) Haha! Walther is funny. He talks a bunch, and pretty loudly...I rarely understand him, but he loves bubbles. I brought them down once, and since then he always asks for them.

Alright, update number one of many.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


It has been 5 months since this blog has been updated, but there is no need to wonder when it´ll have fresh pictures and videos again! Andrew and I arrived last Saturday and we´re still settling in and getting things going. I´ll have to bust out the camera soon and take some pictures to share. We are PUMPED to be here and to blog about our time at the Hogar. I already feel comfortable with a lot of them and I can´t wait to get some projects going. So...keep a look out for more posts with pictures!! Maybe even a video or two..:)
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