Monday, July 19, 2010

The murals

Mark and I were looking for a project that we could do that would stay with the kids even after we'd left. After thinking about it and considering different ideas we decided to do murals in the rooms of the kids. The people that will benefit from this the most are the ones that don't receive any attention from people that come because they are considered the "scarier" ones because they scream and will abuse themselves. I found studies that talked about the benefits of having art in the rooms of the disabeled. The studies showed that through the art stimulation the people were calmer and happier. The studies also found that it positively affected their healthy by lowering their blood pressure. We've had fun thus far. Although the paintings aren't all done in the pictures we have sinced finished them but haven't taken new pictures yet.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Giovanni & Roberto

This past month was Roberto& Giovanni's birthdays! Big 18 & 28! We had them up for a noche especial to celebrate and we bought tres leches cake (which is the typical hispanic cake with three different kinds of milk poured all throughout it) and they absolutely loved all the attention! We gave Roberto a kite for his birthday. Now the trick will be using it when there's wind outside and not rain :)

Giovanni is of course Mr. tie man. He's been telling us about his birthday since the first day we got here and he told us exactly what he wanted-a tie! The good thing is ties are so cheap here it wasn't a problem.

Yummy tres leches!

Blowing the candles out! These pictures are a little bit backwards
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