Thursday, November 13, 2008

We have been drinking pop with the kids on movie nights to save up for a future bowling activity. We went bowling the other night with the kids and they loved it! Maria Antonia kept score and everyone got to go several times, then she announced the winners and everyones place. They would get so excited when they knocked all the pins down and we would shout out loud. We cant wait to do this activity again.

The first time we did this painting activity the kids really liked it, so we figured it was time to do it again. This time we helped them sign their names by their handprint. Many kids did it over and over again because they loved participating.

Last Friday was the last day of school for all of the kids here. Sounds so early I know, but everyone is already preparing for Christmas here! Lots of kids put on performances that were as cute as ever and then they all received certificates for passing on to the next grade. Geovanny and Edwin were the cutest to see them getting their certificates because they could hardly contain their excitement!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Today we swam with the kids all day near our house. The workers have been setting up two big pools and smaller ones right outside our house for this big event. We have been swimming, playing with the beach balls, listening to music, and eating snacks all day. We brought out some water guns and they were a big hit as everyone has been splashing each other and get one another wet!

When we first came down here we bought a little fishy who they named Nemo. The kids love it and ask about it every time we dont bring it down. We always joke and say that it is flying in the sky. Unfortunately it died last weekend so we quickly found another fish that looks alike and luckily the kids havent noticed yet! Here is Ana del Carmen talking to the fish last night while we were playing games and then Nahum who was showing us his big strong muscles.

Noche Especial

Past volunteers have held noche especiales (special nights) with two kids who they bring up to the house. We have kept up that tradition but have tried to expand it to include other kids who havent done it before. One night we brought up Efrain and Carlitos Alonso. They were so excited and talked about it for more than a week before it was their turn and they are already talking about it again for the next time. We watched Toy Story and made a treat. They could barely watch the movie because they kept looking over at us every five minutes to give us high fives and show their excitement that they were there with us. It was so fun!
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