Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hermana Eliana came home last Friday night from her vacation. We had the kids paint this welcome home banner, and then put it up on one of the gates leading into the orphanage. They were really excited for her to come back, so they did a good job. You can see that Matias painted cirles as far as he could reach, and Janet did some pretty colors, so it was fun to see what each kid did. We finally met Hermana Eliana and can see why everyone loves her so much, she's very nice!
Opening Ceremonies last weekend. We had the kids spread out, and we passed this torch around. It was low-key, but the kids seemed to think it was cool.

Monday, February 15, 2010

This is Geovanny putting a label on Xiomara. We did a review of body parts for class, and they had to stick on the labels. It was funny because Xiomara couldn´t see with all the papers over her eyes, and she looked so cute just standng there. Aimee did this class by herself because Lauren was feeling sick. It definitely wasn´t as smooth as usual adn it will be awesome to have Lauren back!
This is from class a couple weeks ago. We had a visitor named Flores Colores come (Aimee) and we practiced the colors and had them identify different parts of the outfit, it turned out to be pretty fun. This class was for our communication board students, and since none of them really talk it makes class a little harder to plan for. But we really enjoy this class adn try to make sure and do fun activities.
Carmencita at Cuatro Patas. I just love this picture of her because it captures her smile really well.

This is Alonso at Cuatro Patas. It is a program on Saturday mornings where some outside people bring in dogs and they just play with the kids. It was really fun and the kids love it. We are going to start helping out with planning and things so that will be really fun.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We´re a little short on pictures at the moment for various reasons, but once we get things sorted out we will put more up. We are doing very well though. Lauren has had some pretty bad dizzy spells hte past couple days so she hasn´t really been able to leave the casita much, but she´s starting to feel better so hopefully that continues. We´ve adjusted pretty well to everything here although the language barrier is still a little bit of a problem sometimes.
We have had a couple mini earthquakes since we´ve been here which has been exciting. We´ve been told that they happen a lot and they don´t do any damage, but it´s always pretty nerve racking when the ground starts shaking.
We love the kids and enjoy being around them. By mondays we´re always super excited to work with them after the couple days we haven´t seen them. I think my english has gotten worse since I´ve come here, and I´ll blame that on the spanish.

Every monday and wednesday nights we have something called ¨Noche Especial¨ where we have two kids come up to our casita adn we eat and play. I made pasta adn chicken adn garlic bread, adn it was super yummy. The girl on the left is CHusita and the girl on the right is Xiomara. Xiomara loves to give big hugs and not let go and hang on you, she´s a sweetheart.
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