Monday, February 15, 2010

This is Geovanny putting a label on Xiomara. We did a review of body parts for class, and they had to stick on the labels. It was funny because Xiomara couldn´t see with all the papers over her eyes, and she looked so cute just standng there. Aimee did this class by herself because Lauren was feeling sick. It definitely wasn´t as smooth as usual adn it will be awesome to have Lauren back!
This is from class a couple weeks ago. We had a visitor named Flores Colores come (Aimee) and we practiced the colors and had them identify different parts of the outfit, it turned out to be pretty fun. This class was for our communication board students, and since none of them really talk it makes class a little harder to plan for. But we really enjoy this class adn try to make sure and do fun activities.
Carmencita at Cuatro Patas. I just love this picture of her because it captures her smile really well.

This is Alonso at Cuatro Patas. It is a program on Saturday mornings where some outside people bring in dogs and they just play with the kids. It was really fun and the kids love it. We are going to start helping out with planning and things so that will be really fun.

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