Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Well much has happened since our last blog. We went on a ten day vacation which explains the long duration since we have last written. Our vacation was very fun. We went to Guatemala and Belize and even got scuba certified! When we returned we went straight back to work to get all of our projects finished. One of these being the teddy bears we are making with the kids. Before our trip we made over 30 teddy bears from scratch and each kid helped us fill their own with stuffing. After we closed the hole, we took the bears back down for the kids to paint, write their name, and give it to them. It was really fun to see how excited some of them became.Here is Matilla´s scribbling on his.

Carlitos Alonso did his during our noche especial on Wednesday while we watched the Disney movie Cars and drank 7up.

Geovanny was the cutest. It took him a long time to finish his bear because he kept stopping to hug it every other second. He always wears a shirt and tie so he drew a tie on his bear too and couldnt help admiring it.

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