Thursday, June 11, 2009


I might as well update on many other things. We did a photo hunt one night for fun.

RULES: 1-two teams.
2- EVERYONE has to be in the picture (minus the one taking the picture)
3-a picture must be taken of everything on the list within 30 minutes
4- whoever finishes first and obeys all of the rules, wins. OR if not finished in 30 minutes, whoever gets the most pictures within 30 minutes.

10 things we had to take photos of:

Padre Vito Guarato


red flower


Nike shoes (sorry this is sideways...I forgot to spin it and can't now that I've uploaded it)

a cross

a ball

a ninera (a worker who cares for the kids)

a toilet

a dog

It was girls vs. boys. We called it a tie. They took the pictures faster, but they broke the rules.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

This looks like a blast! By the way, your Spanish is great! (From the previous post.) You sound fluent. When I come there, you are going to realize how good you are...I am pathetic.

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