Thursday, June 11, 2009

Partidos de futbol

I am behind on posting. I'm going to begin by posting pictures of our most recent activity. In a few weeks (one actually) there is going to be this big, fun activity day. Everyone (and I mean and workers and American volunteers alike) are going to be playing futbol, softball, and running on the morning of June 18. It seems like it's going to be a big deal because it has been the talk of the Hogar for the last week or so. We have successfully been asked to play on a softball and soccer team. We can't wait!

The kids decided to make their own uniforms for their handball teams (4 players per team), so we have been spending the last couple of nights painting t-shirts.

This is Carlos and his shirt...he was very excited about making his shirt...he was definitely the mind behind this activity. I think his face is great in these next two pictures because he was cross-eyed to be funny. And it was.

Antonia made her shirt special. She loves making things look girly and wouldn't dare make her uniform JUST like everyone else on her team. Haha:) She definitely had fun making her shirt.

here are (from L to R) Geovanny, Roberto, Carlos and Maritza (TEAM GALACTIC! They got the name from a Pokemon game that Carlos plays on his sweet nintendo gameboy type thing...except it's way cooler)

Andrew helped out a few of the kids who had a harder time painting their shirts. He was VERY proud of his work, if you can't tell.

TEAM MAGMA (from L to R) Ivan, Nahum and Antonia. Memo is also on this team, but is not pictured.

Oh, and I should mention that they say "TEAM Magma" and "TEAM Galactic" in English rather than in Spanish (which would be El equipo Galactic or El equipo Magma). They love using English words.

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