Thursday, June 25, 2009

Benefit Concert

About once a month The Foundation Hermano Pedro throws a huge concert to raise funds for the Hogar. The Foundation and the Hogar are pretty much the same organization but The Foundation just raises money for the Hogar. Anyway, these concerts are a big deal. Anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 people come each month. They play great music and everyone LOVES to dance. They just get up from their seats whenever they want and just dance in the aisles. Its fun... just ask Andrew and Xiomara.

One of the kids took this picture but its of the orchestra/stage

Not all the kids can go but usually about a hand full or so of them are able to go. Whenever they go though they always have a great time. These kids love to dance and sing! (If you haven't noticed)

Juan is another kid that is always singing to the music playing. He is the one we made the spiderman t-shirt with. Great singer!

We have been working with the Foundation a lot lately with some of our ideas to help raise money and we put the slide show (the one Juan is singing to) together with them using some of the pictures we've taken. Everyone loved the slide show at the concert. It was played 3 times and people started clapping once it started playing! Really amazing feeling!

For more information about the Foundation and the Hogar check out their website. (Even if you dont know Spanish check it out. Just click on the icons below the pictures. They have links.)

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Larissa said...

Your pics are on the big screen! That's SO awesome. Congrats. That's huge! You go girl!

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