Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We had another Noche Especial with Roberto and Geovanny and we decided to have a birthday bash for them. Roberto turned 18 on June 18 and Geovanny turned 27 on June 23. We had a party for them on June 24 (which, I should mention that Geovanny has been telling us that his birthday was coming up since the first day we arrived on May 9. We knew we HAD to do something for him, since he was so excited to turn 27). We ate some cake, gave them each a small present and played uno. And yes, we did get a sweet video of Geovanny saying "uno".

I forgot to mention that we did eat some spaghetti as well (which has been Andrew and I's dinner specialty for the last 2 months....not bad). Roberto told us it was his favorite food, and I think you can definitely tell.

Geovanny with the beautiful cake. Seriously, beautiful...and tasty. From Frooty Kake down the road.

The "uno" video. We love Geovanny!


Rachel said...

I can't believe you went to the Fruty Kake shop! I have seen that sign for the past four years!! Was it good?? Was it expensive?

Taylee said...

I love when Geovanny says uno its just so great and makes me smile :)

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