Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dia del Papa

Hey yins. It's been a week (plus some) filled with fun and laughter. I have VIDEOS! I had so much fun watching and subtitling the other video of Roberto, that I've decided that videos are definitely the way to go. These kids are really entertaining, so why not share the love?

Alright, so I'm going to post a video of Memo singing and dancing. This kid is hilarious! He is chubby, often whips his shirt off to belly dance, and goes to music school so he sings reallllly loud and plays the drums. He reminds Andrew and I of Jack Black (more when he used to have longer hair) because he's a total ham. Anyway, one night before Andrew and I went out to eat pupusas up the road, we got a little treat from Memo.

More videos (there are two more, I think...definitely worth watching though...definitely)
The first is of Roberto singing with headphones in. He's singing "te quiero" which is a popular Spanish song. It's sung by Flex so look it up if you want to get the full effect of this video of Roberto here. He is such a cute kid, we love him! I don't think he completely realizes that we can't hear any of the music while he's singing (and he sure is singing loud too!)

Okay, below are the videos and pictures of our all day festivities today. The kids had a race around the Hogar and played Handball. It was definitely a REALLY fun day! (the workers had a race in the morning as well, and we also played softball and soccer tournament style. So much fun!)
Videos and pictures of the kids and their handball game

the race before it began

Team Galactic (above) Maritza, Roberto, Carlos, and Geovanny

Team Magma...I made those shirts baby...woo!...Ivan, Antonia, Nahum and Memo

tip off!


I made this shirt here...such art work!:) The others made their own (me and Memo)

Andrew and Roberto juntos:) Best buds.


Laura Webb said...

Oh my gosh, I miss that place! Thanks for all the adorable videos. Memo's singing always gets me. :)

Rachel said...

I adore Roberto. He is my favorite. The handball looks incredibly fun, but I have to say, Team Magna didn't stand a chance!

Larissa said...

Singing videos are a favorite of mine and Easton. So entertaining.

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