Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Trash Bag Fashion Show

During my family´s visit to the Hogar, we decided to have a trash bag fashion show. Each team had to dress up two of it´s members using only trash bags, duct tape, and toilet paper. Then each model had to go down the catwalk and strut their stuff. The kids got really into it and of course my family hammed it up.

Geovany got a big kick out of dressing up my dad.

Sam´s team won points for creativity because he was the only model with pants.

All of the lovely contestants.


Amylouwho said...

Sam looks like Adam Ant! (an eyeliner wearing pirate dressing rocker from the early 80s)

Is he wearing eyeliner?

The Hogar Del Nino Orphanage said...

Ha! No he was not. Sam says, ¨Was he your high school idol? We weren´t even born yet.¨

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