Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pirate Day!

Our theme for the week Rachel and Ryan were here was 100% not educational, but it sure was fun. It was a fantasy extravaganza! We started off the week with Pirate day. We transformed the kids into pirates complete with eye patches, moustaches, bandanas, and hilarious tattoos. Then Sam came as a special visitor and he was a riot! We found him the most amazing costume ever and he totally hammed it up. He even tucked one of his legs up into his pants so that it looked like he had a stump leg. I have never seen Sam so into a character—I found it very endearing. We went on a scavenger hunt all around the orphanage to find pieces of his treasure map that led to a real buried treasure (aka. a empty box of Frosted Flakes covered in yellow paper and filled with tin foil covered cardboard coins). It was hilarious to see Roberto and Xiomara using a shovel to dig up the treasure.
Memo getting his ¨MOM¨tattoo
The Dread Pirate Roberto
The first and probably only time Yanet will ever use a shovel
Xiomara wasn´t too scared of the scary pirate, as you can tell

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Amylouwho said...

was Sam Johnny Depp's double for those little pirate movies?? I think I know what Sam should be for Halloween. . .

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