Monday, July 7, 2008

Chef Day

The other highlight of our professions week was the day we ¨studied¨chefs. All of the kids that normally go to the community school were in class that day so it was incredibly rowdy and crowded, but man was it fun. First we made ridiculously giant chef hats and then had a gingerbread house making contest. Needless to say, they all won. Then they went around and presented their houses as gifts to people around the Hogar (despite the fact that some didn´t quite withstand the transit).

Roberto and Chusie in their cute hats.

Geovany and Maritza were partners and every time I looked over, I would see Martiza hard at work and Geovany chowing down on all the supplies! Ha. Then I finally teased him about it so he tried to start helping. He picked up a jellybean and tried to press it into the frosting but . . . their whole house fell down! Martiza was so mad at him. So he went back to eating and she went back to her business. To tell you the truth, I think he did it on purpose so he could just eat in peace.

Carlos got into the construction part. His was by far the most sturdy, and he was certainly proud of it!

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