Monday, July 7, 2008

More glamor shots

We decided that the glamor shots were such a hit with the morning kids that we needed to make a night activity out of it. It was hilarious! We brought down all sorts of accessories, including a fan. Rather ¨Glamor Shots by Deb¨from Napoleon Dynamite if you ask me.

Don´t think that we left the boys out of it. We made them look macho with . . . what else?!? Eyeliner facial hair!
I know there are a million pictures of Xiomarita on the blog but this picture was just too classic.

When Maria Antonia heard what we were doing, she ran back to her dorm and came out in her jelly high heels and this ridiculous cheerleading skirt. She is a little sass!

Then the girls got to do my makeup. Don´t I look fabulous?!?

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