Thursday, May 5, 2011

Noche Especial!

First Noche Especial:
We had our first Noche Especial with Geovanny, Efrain, and Alonso. We brought them up to our casita and played Candyland (which is now Geovanny's new favorite game), ate chocolates, laughed a lot, and had a lot of fun! We really enjoy Noche Especial because we are able to give individualized attention to the ninos that come to our casita.


Geovanny hoping so bad that he gets the card he needs to win

Geovanny won!

Efrain and his cool headband

Alonso and his cool headband

Second Noche Especial:
We had our second Noche Espial with Ana, Walter and Nahum. (It was Ana's and Walter's first time ever doing Noche Especial so they were especially excited to come!) We played Uno, had chocolates, built REALLY tall castles out of Jenga blocks and then watched them fall (Ana would laugh very hard when the castle would fall), made bracelets, and listened to Ana sing her famous "Papaya" song. It was a lot of fun and we loved laughing and spending time with the ninos!

We made cards for Ana, Nahum and Walter that had chocolates, a lei to put on when they got to our casita, and a cup for some Coke.

The chocolates are very delicious!

The gang has arrived!

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Mindy said...

I think Noche Especial is on of the very best parts of what you guys do. Thank you for continuing the tradition! Thinking about Ana at Noche Especial makes me smile, I bet you guys had a great time!

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