Friday, May 27, 2011

Afternoon School Class

Table Manners:

We taught the kids about table manners.

Object lesson: We gave each of the kids each a graham cracker and a napkin. We taught them to say please to receive the graham cracker and then to say thank you when we gave them one. We taught them to chew with their mouth closed and then to wipe your mouth and hands after they were finished eating.

And then of course, we drew a picture of the manners and they colored.

Community Living:

We taught the kids about the community they are a part of at the Hogar. We taught them about all the people that are in their community and how we should all work together.

Kids participating in class.

We then made a map of the Hogar and explained about all of the people that make up the community.

They then colored maps of the Hogar

Edwin's is quite the arteest!

Food Pyramid:

We taught the kids about health and the food pyramid.

They then made pictures of some of their favorite foods and put it on the correct spot of the chart.


Rachel said...

I love your class topics! I think table manners was especially needed. :)

Meagan and Sean said...

I love this! Love all of it! I taught special needs kids here and loved it all! It's so cool that you are doing it all in Spanish! Tell them that se quermos muchisimos!

Meagan and Sean said...


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