Friday, June 6, 2008

Time Travelers

The theme for our afternoon class this week is "Traveling through Time." It has been a blast! We visit a different era every day and meet famous people that make us do ridiculous tasks. Here are some highlights:

MEDIEVAL DAY: We taught the kids how to joust and they competed for a kiss from the princess (me)

Our brave knights had a slay a ferocious dragon to prove their knighthood.

Ivan loved dressing up but wasn't quite willing to put on the red lipstick of a pharoah.

Reyna, however, had no qualms whatsoever. I have never seen her so excited for an activity. She was the first one to demand a beard.


Since the Greeks invented the Olympics, we had a class Olympics to celebrate. Here are two of our lucky winners . . . Roberto Xiomarita

1 comment:

Kristie said...

That looks like a blast. Courtney looks like she loves it as much as the ninos do. And Sam, i am very impressed at your balloon skills. They are lucky to have a couple like you guys there.

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