Monday, June 16, 2008

Holidays Week!

The theme in our class last week was holidays and we celebrated a different holiday every day. I didn't take as many pictures as usual (and the awesome one from Halloween were on Courtney's camera), but there are still a few cute ones to put up here. Monday was Easter and we decorated eggs, went on a candy hunt and then found the Easter bunny, and talked about Señor Jesús.
Here is Emelia showing off her really classy Easter basket.

I must say that the best part of Easter was decorating eggs was watching Carmencita demolish hers with her paintbrush. She certainly made the most of it. Who says you can only paint the shell? She painted every bit of that egg!

The next day was Christmas and it was even better.

We acted out the Nativity which was hilarious because we made Xiomara be Mary and Geovany be Joseph. Will you please notice that the baby itself is a ball of yarn?

We also got Carmencita to dress up as a shepherd which was one of the cutest things ever!

I think the highlight though was when we made Christmas ornaments, popcorn garlands, and paper chains to decorate our Christmas tree (which turned out to be Sam draped in a green sheet because it was raining outside). Also ghetto. We finished by decorating Christmas cookies and having a dance party to Feliz Navidad. Walther put about three inches of frosting on his cookie before popping the entire thing in his mouth without chewing. Man after my own heart.

Wednesday we celebrated New Year’s by doing a countdown and having our own giant ball drop, and then Thursday was my absolute favorite . We celebrated Halloween! We dressed up and went trick-or-treating to different places at the Hogar where we had planted candy. The workers made the kids do something like sing or count to ten in order to get it. It was really fun to see some of the staff get into it. My favorite part though was when we made a “Casa de Miedo (House of Fear)” in our classroom by covering all the windows and told scary, interactive stories with a flashlight under our faces. We wanted to bob for apples but the water in the Hogar was out that day. We will have to do it another time just for fun, even if it doesn’t fit the theme because that would be classic!

We LOVE working with our class in the afternoons. It has definitely been a highlight of our work here.

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