Friday, June 22, 2012

Silly putty and a milk party!

So many exciting things have happened since we last posted! 

We are just loving getting to spend more individual time with the residents and getting to know more of them each day. I wish we had enough room to tell you about everything that has happened, but since we don't, we will highlight some of the big and fun events. :) 

Bri, a special education teacher from Illinois who has volunteered at the Hogar several times, arrived last week and the kids have loved getting to see her again! Unfortunately, she is only able to be here 3 weeks, but she sure has done a lot for us and the residents in the short time she has been here! She brought Theraputty, and it needed to be stored in smaller containers, so some of the residents helped us with that task while having one of our game nights in the Comedor, but we had a little fun with it in the process :) 

I think we could start an Auntie Anne's pretzel shop out here with Carlos' skills :)

Last week, a local milk company came in and threw one big fiesta! There was milk, popcorn, and music (of course!). And, with music, comes dancing and singing...and lots of it! The residents had a blast stealing the microphone for dramatic solos, and stealing the dance floor to show off some moves.

If there's anyone who loves dancing, it's this girl, Blanca. If there is the smallest trace of music in the area, she will stop what she's doing and throw her arms up and dance...lunch, dinner, anytime! She was definitely in her element at this fiesta. :)

This is Bri, the other volunteer with us for a few weeks. 

We had a good balance of dancing and taking breaks to chat, laugh, and make silly faces. 

 Nahum loves to give sneak attack kisses when the camera is around!


This was such a fun moment when Anita was sitting on the bench, and she turned around and noticed us behind her. Her smile tripled in size and she quickly got up to dance with us. She was beaming the whole time!

 Alonso, striking a pose once again. :)

We also have accomplished quite a bit of painting, so hopefully pictures of that will be up soon. The residents and workers love how much life it brings, so we are excited to show you when it's done!

We'll be posting again soon! :)

Sara and Melissa

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Linda said...

A wonderful post! Your post touches me deeply. I was in special ed classes from grade 2, elementary school right up to high school. Unlike most of the students, you can't tell by looking at me that I was ever in such a class...but I was! It has taught me to appreciate life and to empathize with others who have various disabilities.
God bless you for sharing this post, and I happened upon your blog accidentally...however, I don't consider it an accident but a blessing. Greetings from Montreal, Canada.

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