Sunday, March 7, 2010

We did a parachute activity during one of our classes. I think the kids could play with the parachute all day, they loved it just as much after half-an-hour as they did when we first started playing. This was a fun day and we just played a bunch of different games for class. Some worked better than others, but it was fun to just play with them.
THis is when we presented Efrain with his new communication book. He really likes it, and it's been very rewarding working with the kids and seeing how much they enjoy them after all the hard work that's gone into putting them together.

For our last class we taught the kids some random things about Asia. I dressed up as a chinese person and I came out speaking jibberish that sounded like chinese-ish. We taught them how to bow as a salutation and they really liked that. We had them color kimonos and taught them about fortune cookies. It was a random but fun class, and the kids seemed to like the fortune cookie part becuase we made them each fortunes and gave them a cookie with it:)

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