Friday, July 3, 2009

Amo La Tierra

Because of fear of the Flu H1N1 school has been cancelled in all of El Salvador... A little scary, but since no teachers will be coming to the Hogar the Hermana asked us to be the subs! How exciting! (side note... today 40ish kids were sick and quarantined. Still don't know what they are sick from. They have flu like symptoms)

One of our classes this week was about keeping the earth free from trash. There is a problem with littering in most 3rd world countries. No exception here in El Salvador. Anyway, we bought all the kids in the class (19) a bag of chips and gave them a cup of water. While they were eating we taught them about keeping the earth clean and green. Once they finished we put some tape on their empty bags and cups. I had a drawing of the earth on my shirt and we told the kids that I represented Mother Earth. We asked them what the earth would look like if it was full of trash. We then told them to stick their trash on me. This is what I looked like...

We then taught them to throw away their trash and that when they saw trash on the ground that they should pick it up and throw it away. It was a really fun class and the kids enjoyed it!

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Ryan said...

Great idea! I can't believe you had 19 students! What a zoo!!

I hope it wasn't 40 kids AT THE HOGAR who were quarantined. Was it? That is worrisome.

P.S. This is Rachel, not Ryan.

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