Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Things are going well here! First, we learned about parades one day in school and then had one of our own. Each kid got a musical instrument and we paraded all over the hogar to the macarena song. Yesterday, our school class was interrepted and we all were told to go into the cafeteria where we held a huge birthday party for the four birthdays the month of September. It was the biggest cake that I have ever seen and of course, there was lots of candy! One morning, Taylee and I set up a white sheet on the wall and everyone got their turn to put their handprint on it. The kids liked it a lot and most of them stayed after their turn just to watch the others. It was so crowded around us by the end that we could hardly move! Finally, every Wednesday we go in this building called the lactantes area where 20 or so kids are kept and we play with them, put lotion on them, or read to them. My favorite is Miguelito, he loves throwing that ball!

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