Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Harry!

Just as any true Harry Potter fan would do, we celebrated July 31st at the Hogar by having a birthday party for Harry. We started off by sorting the kids into houses. We brought them up one at a time and another volunteer, hiding under the table of course, acted as the hat and decided where they belonged. That was the funniest part of the evening in my opinion. Here is Martiza who was lucky enough to get put in Gryffindor.
We then dressed up by making silly pipe cleaner glasses, drawing lightening scars on their foreheads, and giving them all chopsticks as wands. Carlitos Alonso was the absolute cutest one in his glasses.
But Roberto would have to be runner-up.
Our friend Marielos, who is the psycholgist at the Hogar, dressed up as Professor Trelawney and told fortunes.
We ended off by having a candy walk and then singing and eating birthday cake.
Carlitos Alonso certainly enjoyed the cake (although I am convinced that almost none made it into his mouth)!
Our quidditch game got ruined because of the dark, so Sam never got to make his appearance as the Golden Snitch. Maybe next time . . .

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